The pick up truck bed bracket with the 2 inch quick disconnect mount

1/2-20 top stud and SO-239 cable connection

 Model #  237   $ 102.50

Pick-up truck bed bracket 

Model #236  $ 32.50


          Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios   $10 Flat rate Shipping  with Satisfaction Guaranteed !

The Bennie bracket is made from 1/2 inch thick aluminum. 
The base measures 10 X 10 inches square.
The top plate is 4 inches wide

Two 1/2 inch holes for my fold over mount and a center 3/4 inch hole for the Scorpion antenna or my 3 inch quick disconnect.
Cross bars for under the bed are 3/8 inches thick and attached with 1/2 inch bolts.

This bracket is 4 inches tall but we can make it as tall as you want.  Just email and let us know.

Truck bed antenna mount
Model # 702  $ 65.00

Made to goes in the truck bed and lays across two ribs.

The bars are slotted for adjustment to fit most any truck.

The slots are 4-3/4 inches center to center on a bar 7 X 2 inches 1/2 inch thick

The bottom bar is 3/8 inches thick and 7 X 2

The bracket is 4 inches tall with all the bolts stainless steel

The mounting hole is 5/8 inch in diameter to fit my mounts.

Made with 6061 aluminum alloy

This clamp on bracket can actually be used in many different ways.   Here it is clamped to the corner of a picnic table.