Trailer hitch bracket with Quick Disconnect mount and ring terminal connection

Model  # 973   $ 85.00

A trailer hitch mounting bracket for the big ones.  Custom made to any height you might need.   This one is 30 inches tall.  The 2 inch square aluminum in the receiver is a solid bar and can be any length you might need,.    This one extends 11 inches from the normal pin hole.   Locked in place with a 5/8 inch bolt instead of a pin to be tight and not rattle.   

Trailer hitch bracket for 2 inch receiver

Model # 970    $ 50.00

2 inch quick disconnect on the trailer hitch bracket with ring terminal connection

3/8-24 stainless steel top stud that is removable
Model # 220  $ 100.00

Trailer hitch bracket with a fold over mount and ring terminal connection.

Model # 971   $ 90.00

Trailer hitch bracket with 2 inch quick disconnect mounts using SO-239 connection

1/2-20 threaded top stud for your antenna
Model # 229   $ 125.00.

The trailer hitch bracket with a 2 inch  quick disconnect using an MT-1 pole that fits the quick disconnect.  I added the threaded hole in the top and made the short plate as well.  

Trailer hitch bracket with the 2 inch quick disconnect mount using ring terminal connection

1/2-20 top threaded stud for your antenna
Model # 230  $ 100.00

2 inch quick disconnect on the trailer hitch bracket with SO-239 connection
3/8-24 stainless steel removable stud in the top
Model # 219  $ 125.00

This is designed to hold any antenna mount that I make, so any style of antenna of any weight can be mounted to this bracket.

Ring terminal or SO-239 connections available. 

Trailer hitch bracket with Pedestal mount and SO-239 connection

Model  # 976    $ 100.00

Trailer hitch bracket with the Pedestal mount and ring terminal connection

Model # 975    $ 75.00


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Trailer hitch bracket with fold over and SO-239 connection

Model #  972   $ 115.00

Solid 6061 aluminum construction 
1/2 inch thick metal that is  1-3/4 inches wide

The bracket is 10 inches long
Fits a 2 inch receiver hitch to a depth of 4-1/2 inches
It has a 5/8 inch hole for the antenna mount that extends 4-1/2 inches from the hitch.
locks tight with a wedge action, will not vibrate loose
3/16th stainless steel grounding screw

Trailer hitch bracket with quick disconnect and SO-239 connection

Model  # 974  $ 110.00