Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios  

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The top plate is 3 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch thick

The brass bulkhead is 2 inches long

The combination washer and nut is 2 inches in diameter and

  3/8 inch thick with a stainless steel ground screw.

Made from 6061 aluminum alloy

Neoprene rubber gasket 1/8 inch thick

3inch SO-239 to SO-239 antenna mount
Model # 804   


                               About the One hole Plate Set

The SO-239 is screwed into the antenna as far as it will go.  And the top plate is screwed on and tightened against the antenna.  Put on the rubber washer and install thru a 5/8 inch hole.   The nut is screwed up against clean metal and your cable attached.