Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios  

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Backing plate for the high power puck

6 X 6 aluminum plate 1/4 inch thick

Model # 615  


 Guranteed not to turn or slip.  Tighten the antenna as tight as you want.

3/8-24 top thread for the antenna in a solid brass face 3/4 inch O.D.
6061 aluminum body 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch tall
3/8-24 center bolt with ring terminal connection

Three 1/4-20 outside bolts
mounts on up to 1/4 inch thick metal
Needs a 1-1/4 inch center hole, or larger to mount
The Backing ring comes with the puck and is 3/8 inch thick

Can be used  with the 6 X 6 plate below.

High Power puck with quick disconnect mount

Model # 614 

  $ 95.99

High Power Puck

Model # 600 

$ 65.99