CB ball mount with an SO-239 cable connector.                                                                                       The ball has a 1 inch face with 3/8-24 antenna thread
                       Model # 111    $119.95  .

CB antenna swivel ball mount on 3 inch plates using ring terminal connection.
Model #116    $84.9

CB ball mount on 3 inch plates with SO-239 connection                                                                                     1 inch face on the ball and 3/8-24 top thread for the antenna.

Model  # 117   $ 109.95

Also available with screwdriver control wire access slot.
slot is a 1/4 inch                                 
Just click to add to your plate set.    

CB antenna ballmount with the SO-239 cable connector                                  Model  #103  $74.95.

CB ball mount with ring terminal connection  

  Model # 102    $49.95

The CB ball mount using a ring terminal connection.                                                                               Model #110  $ 94.95
1 inch face with 3/8-24 thread in the top


          Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios   $10 Flat rate Shipping  with Satisfaction Guaranteed !