Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios  

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3/8-24 top thread for the antenna
3/8-24 stainless steel removal bottom stud
3 inches tall
13/16th hex  body
1 inch OD nut
weight  1/2 lb.
1/2 inch swivel stud
stainless steel swivel pin


  It locks down tight and solid by hand, no tools required. One turn releases the fold over to lay-over and if needed, just four more turns and you  remove the antenna completely. The nut stays with the antenna. When laid over, the stud for the nut is against a dead stop at 90 degrees but there is no locking action when laid over.   The nut can be locked in place when laid over,  but not the swivel action.
  But if you are wanting to travel with it laid down, then the solution is to just take it off,  or tie down the end of the whip so it can't bounce up and down.   If you tie it down, with the nut locked, the pressure from the weight on the swivel pin and stud  should ensure that you will still have a good connection if you want to keep transmitting.
    The fold over is, like all my stuff,  real strong.  It should hold any length of whip or medium size antenna.

The large nut is counter-sunk to cap over the end of the mount so it can't fall over even if it comes loose.

Extra nuts are available on the Accessories page for use with multiple antennas'.

Fold over coupling for your antenna whip

Model # 200 


A fold over with the 1/2-20 thread in the bottom and 3/8-24 top thread.

Model #752 

$ 35.99

A short video of the product is available