1/4 inch Delrin pins .800 long Replacement pins for the ball mounts
Model # 010     4 pins   $3.00.

Stainless steel 3/8-24 allen wrench set screws to be used as a stud that are 1-1/4 inches long. 
Model  #001     2 for   $2.59

SO-239 weather cap

Model # 014   $ 2.75

SO-239 to 3/8-24 antenna adapter.
Model # 008  $ 24.50

Quick Disconnect Cap
   Used to seal off the Quick disconnect mount , coupling or ball              to keep the dirt out when not running an antenna. 
Model  # 003    $6.00

Fold Over Nut
 To use with the Fold over antenna mount or the Fold over coupling.
Model  # 007    $10.00

Antenna 2  Pack
 Fits the Quick Disconnect coupling and mount as well as the Quick Disconnect Ball Mount,  when using different antennas' on  one mount  Model  # 004   $18.00

SO-239 cable connector
Model # 006        $25.00

Antenna 3 pack
 nut, center and cap         

Fit the Mount ,coupling or ball                         Model # 005    $23.00

A standard SO-239  connection

1/2-20 threaded stud 1-1/8 inches long

Requires a 5/8 inch hole

All my mounts and brackets can use this SO-239 cable connector

Model #013   $45.00

Cover plate to cover the holes in the vehicle when you remove a plate set.

SO-239 TO NMO adapter
fits any SO-239 antenna mount to convert to the NMO style antennas'.

Model # 009   $ 25.00


How To Replace Broken Pins

You need a drill bit just a little smaller than 1/4 inch. Drill out the center of the delrin pins and the rest will crumble and be easy to pick out.  The pins are a press fit in the holes and the pins can be knocked in with a small hammer.


          Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios   $10 Flat rate Shipping  with Satisfaction Guaranteed !