Heavy Duty Antenna Mounts for Mobile Ham Radios   $10 Flat rate Shipping  with Satisfaction Guaranteed !

SO-239 to 3/8-24 antenna adapter.
Model # 008  $ 24.50

Quick Disconnect Cap
   Used to seal off the quick disconnect hole to keep the dirt out when not running an antenna.  It is the same 7/8 thread as all my quick disconnect mounts
Model  # 003    $6.00

Fold Over Nut
Solid brass to use with the fold over antenna mount or the fold over coupling when using their quick disconnect ability for different antennas. 3/8-24 top thread
Model  # 007    $10.00

Antenna Pack
Solid brass nut    The sticky Nature of brass insures that once tightened only by Hand, it will not vibrate loose. Fits the Quick Disconnect coupling and mount as well as the Quick Disconnect Ball Mount,  when using different antennas' on  one mount  Model  # 004   $18.00

SO-239 cable connector
Model # 006        $25.00

Antenna 3 pack
You get all three pieces, nut center and cap,  with a discount  Model # 005    $23.00

A standard SO-239  connection

1/2-20 threaded stud 1-1/8 inches long

Requires a 5/8 inch hole to install on metal up to 3/8 thick

Strong as a bolt, strong enough for a Hi-Q antenna.

Will not pull apart

All my mounts and brackets can use this SO-239 cable connector

Model #013   $45.00

Cover plate to cover the holes in the vehicle when you remove a plate set.

SO-239 TO NMO adapter
fits any SO-239 antenna mount to convert to the NMO style antennas'.

Model # 009   $ 25.00

1/4 inch Delrin pins .800 long Replacement pins for the ball mounts
Model # 010     4 pins   $3.00.


Stainless steel 3/8-24 allen wrench set screws to be used as a stud that are 1-1/4 inches long. 
Model  #001    $2.59

SO-239 weather cap

Model # 014   $ 2.75

How To Replace Broken Pins

You need a drill bit just a little smaller than 1/4 inch. Drill out the center of the delrin pins and the rest will crumble and be easy to pick out.  The pins are a press fit in the holes and the pins can be knocked in with a small hammer.